How to Increase Your Retail Sales without a Formula


Buying wholesale sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear is just one half of the retail equation. The other half is turning those products into revenue and profit. Simply put, you have to sell what you buy from us. No surprise here. This is retail 101. But what do you do if you find yourself unable to sell your inventory? How can you increase your retail sales?

In an effort to help any eyewear retailers struggling in the current market, we have put together a quick guide explaining how to increase sales without relying on a formula. Though the principles discussed here may seem vague and generic, they actually hold the secret to successful sales. The first point is especially poignant if you been at this for a while and still aren’t selling like you want to.

1. Stop Doing the Same Thing

There is an old adage that says continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Though we might not use such strong language ourselves, the point is well taken. Stop relying on those old sales practices that don’t produce results. If they have not worked over the last couple of years, they are never going to.

Unfortunately, the retail sector has a bad habit of relying on a formulaic sales model. This is especially troubling when you are talking sunglasses designer or otherwise. They are a unique kind of product that require a different sales approach. So if the strategies you have been employing this far have not worked, it is time to set them aside and look for new ways.

2. Ask for Help

It will do you no good to abandon unsuccessful sales strategies if you don’t have something to replace them with. So how do you figure out what to do? You ask for help. Look around your own local area for retailers who are already achieving a level of success you hope to achieve one day. Contact their owners and ask if they would be willing to mentor you. You might be surprised by the positive reception you get.

You can also ask for help when you attend local networking events. You can work with a business coach or even ask your suppliers to give you some sales training. Trust us when we say they all want you to succeed. When you succeed, so do they.

3. Match Sale Strategies with Your Company

Selling sunglasses requires understanding your own company brand and how it relates to your target audience. The problem a lot of retailers run into is that their sales strategies do not match their brands. This creates a conflicting message that makes it difficult to sell.

Is your brand built around the sun and surf mindset? Then your sales strategies should reflect that mindset. On the other hand, perhaps you run an operation catering more to fashion than anything else. You should sell with a heavy emphasis on what makes fashion appealing to your target audience.

4. Make It About the Customer

Finally – and this is the most difficult principle of all – understand that sales are always about the customer. Yes, you read that correctly. Sales are not about your margin or total revenue. They are about your customers for the simple fact that you would have no business if you did not have customers.

All of your sales strategies should be aimed at inducing a positive reaction in your customers. Find out what they want and give it to them. Make selling about customers and you’ll soon discover they are more than willing to buy.

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